Wifi Hacks – Security, Basic tricks & About fake tools

Hi! We have prepared some tricks & tips for Wireless Connection. Need advices how to download drivers or protect your Wifi from hackers? Is it even safe to use wifi in market, shop or bus? The answers for these questions are here. Looking for Wifi hack? You cannot download such softwares from this page, sorry. Instead of it, we have decided to show you how fake tool looks like to protect you from them. You can easily find them in the Internet and this is scarry. Using them seems to be a very easy way to get hacked, infected or just loose your data. It sounds funny and unbelievable, but many people still believe that after survey they will be able to use hacks for games, social networks or wifi. This is not true. How to protect yourself and your family pc? You are here, so this is the first step. We have prepared many advices and list of solutions for the easiest problems. Why? Because I guess only your Net developer can help you in critic situatioons like no connection or problems with weather conditions.

As you know, things like high buildings, weather conditions, location and the type of transmitter can have a big impact on the conntection. Anyway, if you need to hack wifi of your neighbour, we do not recommend it. I don’t know a law, but to be honest, hacking anything is illegal and definitely not safe. Poeple pay regularly for their Internet connection and someone wants steal it without the permission. Is it ok? I don’t think so. Another fact is you cannot find any working cheat tool for wireless connection in the google. Need examples? No problem, we have found some fake hacks, they are available and everyone can download them. And this is definitely bad info, because people don’t even think how dangerous these programs can be. To help you to recognize them, we publish some example wifi hacks below which you can find in the google graphics. If you see one of them, just know it’s time to close the window of your browser. You cannot hack wifi with them and worse you can harm yourself.

fake wifi apps and softwares

For potential victims they look like real tools and people may download them. What can they include? Well, it’s hard to say, but these files might install dangerous malwares on your system. Many hacks like these can be virused and your device will be infected. Of course, real hackers can Hack Wifi password, but I have never heard about something like this and it’s just my guess. This also shows how important making hard password is. What are the most popular features of fake hacks? As you see on the screenshot, most of these tools have the same or similar-looking interface. We didn’t test all of them, but in many situations our antivirus detect them as infected files, in other cases they just don’t work. Some of wifi hackers depend filling in anoying surveys and at the end you don’t get the tool. As you see, it’s totally not worth to try it. You can loose important passwords or data from your phone or computer and you don’t even hack wifi password. Need our advices? Stop hacking wifi and enjoy security tips which you can find below. We grabbed many useful tips and security solutions from the Internet and we publish them all in the one place – here. We hope after you read this article, you stop looking for wifi hacker and you just make your Internet connection safer. You cannot download any wifi hack tool, deal with this fact. Oh, you can also find some details about the creation of wireless connection at the end of this page.

Is your Internet connection not good enough for you? Read about tricks and solutions for most popular wifi bugs. No download, just read this article. We grabbed some explains and we described how to solve problems with connection. What about mobile devices? We also prepared tips for Android, iOS and more. Poeple often connect to Wifi in supermarkets and other public places where this is possible. Read this article and feel free to use wireless connection without barriers and protect your device. Of course, our tips can help you also if you’re using pc. How? For example your neighbour is able to connect to your Internet, can you believe it? Someone can just steal your transfer you lost your download and upload speed. Someone can make your connection slower and less efficient. With our security tips you can easily protect your wifi from hackers, kids, neigbours and everything you can imagine. 

How to improve Wifi network performance

  • Never hide your router! Poeple used to hide their routers and this is why you’re getting lags. Placing a router in a closet or in a cabinet slow your Wifi, because walls and doors absorb signal strength. Find a central point in your house and put your router on a table or wardrobe. Remember that some routers are designed to project their signal slightly downward, kepp it in your mind when you think about place for your router.
  • Reset your router regularly. It sounds simple enough, but sometimes this is really helpful. Some of tech support problems can be resolved by resetting or rebooting your router or modem on a regular basis. If you are in trouble, just do it, because it’s probably the first thing your Net provider will ask you to do when you call to complain what is going on. If you’re one of the many people that has to reboot the router very often, it doesn’t drop out, this is a solution. You should run a few tests to make sure the problem isn’t caused by heat, viruses or malwares, old firmware or excess downloading. 
  • Feel free to use use beer cans – yeah i know. It sounds crazy but this method is tested and it seems to be really helpful. The good news is you will have to drink one before you even get started. The aluminum in beer and soda can extend the signal farther than the wifi router itself – can you believe it?Just remove the pop top and then cut around the bottom of the can to remove it. Repeat this process for the top of beer can, just below the mouth. Do not cut all the way around, leave a small space at the top. Let’s do this to make sure the mouth of the can is attached. The next step is: cut down the middle of the can on the opposite side. Create a parabola and turn your can upside down to stand it up. After it, stick the router’s antenna through the mouth of can and use a small piece of duct tape or blu-track to keep it in place. However, your router might look messy, but your Wi-fi signal strength should greatly improve.
  • Use both bands to improve your wireless connection performance. I remember my old antenna based on 2,4 GHz, it was working like The Witcher 4 on mobile phone. Many routers have radios that operate on 2 types of frequencies – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. You are able to have two networks running at the same time! Need the solution? Use one of them for devices that access WiFi at the lower frequency and another for more advanced or more important things at 5 GHz. Remember that higher band is less crowded and it should be better for high-bandwidth uses, for example streaming video.

how to protect your wifi

Security Tips for Wifi: 

Use firewalls and antimalware softwares for make for net safer. Modern network routers contain built-in firewalls, but if your router is old, read these tips. At start ensure that your router’s firewall is turned on. If not, you know what to do. For extra security, consider installing and running additional security programs on each device connected to the router. Don’t forget about mobile devices like tablets, all smartphones, iphones, ipods, ipads etc. Having too many layers of security apps is overkill. Notice that having an unprotected system with critical data is the worst thing ever. 

Change the admin password. The most of Wi-Fi home networks is a broadband router access point. To set up these pieces of equipment, these systems include an embedded server and pages that allow owners to enter their account information. These tools are protected with a login screen and it means that only the rightful owner can make changes. Anyway, the logins provided by your Internet provider are simple and well-known to hackers. Change these settings as quickly as possible.

Everone loves to use someones wireless connection like a boss. But if you use this option on your phone, read it carefully. Connecting to an open Wifi networks like free wireless hotspot or your neighbor’s router exposes your device to security risks. You must definitely stop auto-connecting to open wifi networks – deal with it. Although not normally enabled, most computers have a setting available. You unintentionally allowing these connections to happen automatically. This setting should not be enabled if you want to avoid dangerous situations and stay safer.

Shut down your network when it’s not being used. This tip is even more dependent on specific circumstances than most of them. If you have the sort of network that does not need to be running 24/h, you can easily reduce the availability of it. Improve your security crackers by turning it off when it isn’t in use, but sometimes it goes wrong. I know some cases when restarting or shutting down wifi without real reasons or for fun is not a good decision. Why? Because some routers automatically adjust their speed on the client capabilities. If you reset router a few times per a day, the system can detect it as error caused too much data transferred. In effects your wifi will slow your Internet speed, as you see, this is some kind of misunderstanding. 

wireless connection security tricks

Wifi standards:

  • IEEE 802.11 – created in 1997
  • IEEE 802.11a (1999)
  • IEEE 802.11b (1999)
  • IEEE 802.11g (2003)
  • IEEE 802.11n (2009)

About fake wifi hackers:

At the top of this page you can see many examples of wifi hacks available in the search engine. Are they even working? I don’t think so. Most of them are made to scam visitors, there is no chance to hack wifi password with tools like these. They have the same options, because people copy some details and paste them info their websites. They publish the same features like 24/h support, proxy settings and similar-looking interface. They ask you for name of wireless connection and that’s all. On websites with hacker wifi you will find many videos and fake testimonials. To be honest, they really look imressive and real, but if you download them, you dream will be ruined. Trust me, most of them are designed for making money on visitors, don’t be one of them. Programs like these install hidden addons, harmful plugins or they can change your home page. But these are the least dangerous things, let’s think about malwares or viruses. How to hack wifi? I have no idea. Many people after read articles like this still look for wifi hack and this is bad. I know it’s hard to believe but wireless connection security is not that easy to bypass. Some tricks for password recovery work good but not in all cases. If you lost your password, the best way is contact with your Internet provider and ask him for help. He should give you standard steps to restore your Internet. Do you want to solve it alone? It’s ok, try to find some working tricks and tips in the search engine. Many sites offer free solutions for password recovery and many more.

how to secure

The availability of wifi hotspots at all public places such as shops, cinemas and hotels has made it more convenient for us to access the Net when we are away from home. Remember, the convenience comes with a risk as most public Wifi’s do not even encrypt the data transmitted through their networks. What does it mean? Sensitive information like your email passwords, credit card information etc. are available for the hackers to steal. How to protect yourself for wifi hackers in 2016? First step is an antivirus system on your mobile device. Once you have logged into home spot, the first thing you should do to secure your network is to change the default password. This should prevent other people from accessing the router and you can easily maintain the protection settings that you want. Of course you can change the password from the Admin settings on settings page. What about encryption methods? In order to prevent other devices in the area from using your internet connection, you will need to encrypt your wireless signals. There are a few encryption methods for wireless settings, including WEP, WPA and WPA2. How to enable encryption on your Wireless network? Just open the wifi security settings on your router’s settings page. It will usually let you choose which security method you wish to choose. If youstill use older devices, choose WEP, otherwise use with WPA2. The password to access the network is really important, poeple don’t even realize it. If you need strong password, do not wait and use online generators. Consider using a combination of letters, special characters and numbers in the passphrase.